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Our History!

Computer Dynamics started out of a local house in 1979. Our first system was from Intertec Data Systems, called "SuperBrain". This system was a complete unit - monitor, keyboard, CPU, and two floppy drives. More specifically, it contained 64k (not 640k or even 64 megabytes), two 360k, 5 1/4 inch floppy drives, two 4 megahertz Z-80 processors made by Zilog, a black and white monitor, and the CP/M operating system. Price for this system was $3495. Similar configured systems from companies like Morrow or Northstar sold for over $5000!
Our goal was not to sell the least expensive "box", but to be competitive, and more importantly, be able to provide prompt service when the customer needed it. This philosophy of providing service to the customer is responsible for Computer Dynamics continuing to be a player in the Colorado Springs market.
Our first networkable product was from International Micro Systems, or IMS, and used an operating system called Turbo-DOS. We were very successful with this product, installing many systems in the Colorado Springs area. Our CP/M products included Vector Graphics, and Kaypro. We were the first (and the last) Kaypro dealer in this area.
Our first MS-DOS product came from Kaypro. This was an excellent product, but the system often did not work "right out of the box", requiring many cross-shipments from Kaypro. Our search for better equipment led us to a company located in Kansas that sold IBM clones under the Fountain brand. The early systems usually had a 20 megabyte hard drive, one 5 1/4 floppy, 640k RAM, and an Intel 8088 processor running at 8mz. These systems initially sold for $2000.
Our networking business continued to grow. We were one of the first Novell authorized dealers in the area. We also sell and support a variety of Microsoft Networking products. We have experience in connecting many devices to your network - large copiers with scanning capabilities, smart-phones, tablets, most of the new technology available today!

Computer Dynamics personnel are experts in secure wireless installation.

In 2004, Computer Dynamics moved into their present location, now next to Panino's Restaurant, on South 8th Street, on the southwest side of Colorado Springs.
To the best of our knowledge, we are the only computer systems resellor and repair center located on the southwest side of Colorado Springs. Our policy of providing excellent service still is in force today, and is responsible for our continued excellent business!